Welcome to the "DMPSbackfire" website.  The purpose of this website is to share information regarding DMPS, and to collect information from those who have experienced adverse effects from this drug.  In the process I hope not only to inform those individuals who are considering the use of this drug, but to stimulate the appropriate research to determine safe protocols for its use.  It is my hope that researchers will want to investigate this collection of patient reports.

My name is Jana.  I am not a doctor or scientist.  I am a patient whose life was derailed by a single injection of DMPS.  Since then, I have tried to learn everything I can about this drug and its effects on the physiology of the human body.  There is surprisingly little reliable information available on this subject.

What I have learned is that DMPS is not approved by the FDA.  It is considered an experimental drug.  I have found no evidence of the existence of appropriate clinical trials by which practitioners can be guided in its safe use.

The discovery that was most disturbing to me was that some physicians and others were misleading (either through ignorance or contrivance) patients about the safety and efficacy of this drug.  I am alarmed at the proliferation of health care providers who are enrolling patients in what amounts to experimental medicine without obtaining their informed consent.  Unless patients know that there are potentially serious side effects to this drug, no informed consent can be given, and the patient becomes nothing more than a lab rat.

You can find assertions on the internet and elsewhere that DMPS is safe.  I take issue with those claims.

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