Vanessa's Report

   "I was diagnosed with an incredibly high (highest the lab had ever seen) urine mercury level after a six hour dmsa challenge.  My doctor started me on dmsa three times a week.  I had no problems with it, and did start feeling better.  Due to the severity of my toxicity, my doctor went to ____ to learn more from  ____.... he's a dear friend, did all of his just for me.. they told him I would never get real improvement without dmps IV's.  He got the dmps from whatever source they use.

     The first three dmps IV's went fine....I was tired afterwards, for a few weeks, but not horribly so...    ______ told my doctor that each iv would pull up more mercury, a sort of bell jar effect.. with the fourth through the eighth being the most effective, then it would taper down.

     Well, the fourth one was the nightmare for me.... I blew up like a balloon, was unrecognizable as a human being, literally, BP shot through the roof, digestion shut down, couldn't think, headaches were excruciating.... I looked and felt like I was dying...can't even imagine what my blood mercury levels must have been.  I was bedridden and suicidal... I don't remember the exact details, but somehow I found out about the newsgroup....and saw a posting about using dmsa or dmps on rotation schedule to bind up the circulating mercury to try to prevent it from attaching to the kidneys and liver and doing permanent damage... several days had already passed at this point, unfortunately... I only wish I had found out sooner.  Permanent damage had already occurred.

     I printed out the protocol and brought it to my doctor who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown at this point.  He's never been the same since...this whole episode has been more traumatic for him than for me...he can't get over the guilt that he hurt me.  After my twenty year legacy of health problems and all the crises I have gone through, yes, it wasn't fun, but I couldn't blame him.

     Within ten hours of starting on dmsa 50mg every four hours, I started improving from the could make out that I did have eyes sunk back in that swollen mess.  Within a couple of days I was discernibly better, sticking to the four hour schedule... but the dmsa was making my brain fog much worse... which concerned me.  I knew by then that it could cross the blood brain barrier, which dmps didn't... and the last thing I wanted was more mercury going into my brain.  So I got dmps capsules, in 100mg, and started them on an eight hour rotation schedule... and what a difference... a huge improvement over the dmsa.... much less achey, head was clearer, my swelling went way down, and my digestive track actually came back to life.  It was a wonder drug for me... literally.  If I'd had a camcorder I could've actually taped the "conversion"... was like something out of a special effects film... the monster transforming back into a human being again.

     I've used dmps since-every once in a while I'll try dmsa, but there's no comparison as far as controlling of symptoms, at least for me... however my liver porphyrins are totally f___  from the dmps backfire - so I have to balance the chelating with the oxidative stress it puts on my system.  I can't imagine how much further along I would be if I'd been able to do the dmps/lipoic acid chelating protocol from the very beginning.... before I was such damaged goods.

Update on Vanessa:

Vanessa has informed me that she spent several months using a recommended oral chelation protocol of dmps and alpha lipoic acid.  (100mg dmps every 8 hours and 50-100mg  alpha lipoic acid every 4 hours.)  While things seemed to go well at first,  she is now suffering from severe sulfoxidation and hypoxia, both of which she believes are the result of the oral chelation protocol.  Vanessa now has strong reservations about the use of oral chelators, and believes that overchelation can be more damaging than the mercury illness itself."

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