Suzanne’s Report

   “Just an example of what happened to me with chelation:  My enlightened MD, and very well intentioned, wanted to chelate with dmps as quickly and fully as possible.  My first dose, the diagnostic, was uneventful except for the 241ppb (old scale, and very high) readout.  Each dmps session following, however, I would not urinate for 24 hours - hardly healthy considering that the chelated mercury should be excreted in urine.  I had a crazy itchy rash, swelling on my body, and more pain all over my body than I would wish on anybody.  The doctor was not concerned.  I was.  But with the intention of curing myself as quickly as possible for the sake of my family, doctor, etc.,  I continued several more times.   I became weaker, more nauseous, etc.  Finally, I concluded that this was not right.  So, I spoke out that I would not take any more treatments.  Even though my family and doctor cared and saw me tortured, they did not want me to stop because what else was there?  When would I get well?  In this case, and in many others, I and my family and doctors continually find out that my decisions were the correct ones.

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