Robin’s Report

In 1997, I was a healthy, active, forty-one year old woman. I ate extremely well, and was fit and trim. I worked out at a local gym three times a week, and mountain hiked several miles every weekend, weather permitting. This had been my routine for years. I had had all of my amalgams removed ten years earlier. In 1996 I had a “DMPS challenge test” as part of a routine physical exam. The test results showed a very low mercury level … 1.8.

In May of 1997 while stopped to make a turn, my car was rear-ended and I suffered a severe whiplash. As a result of this injury, I suffered migraine headaches for which I received physical therapy for five months. The pain persisted and I sought medical help.

The doctor recommended “neural therapy” – a series of injections of procaine – to treat the migraines. He injected procaine into my head, face, neck and jaw. After two sessions of this therapy, however, I began suffering from severe sinus congestion and had great difficulty swallowing. He looked at my throat and told me I had a “classic scarlet ring” around it, and that I had mercury poisoning. When I asked where the mercury could have come from, he said that it was well documented that procaine injections such as the ones he had been giving me would cause the gum tissue to release the mercury sequestered there into the body. The procaine had caused the tissue to dump large quantities of mercury into my body. I was dumbfounded. I asked him why he had given me procaine if he knew it would induce mercury poisoning. I was sick enough already. He didn’t miss a beat, and told me not to worry. He said that he had something he’d been using that would safely pull the mercury all out and that I’d be better than before. I told him that I really didn’t have much choice at this point, did I? I was miserable, and much sicker than when I had first started seeing him. I needed help. This was my total introduction to mercury poisoning.

He then sent me back to his lab for an intravenous infusion of a drug, after which I was to collect my urine so that the mercury levels could be measured. I later learned that this drug was DMPS. This test showed a mercury level of 27.9. (The procaine had indeed dumped a truckload of mercury into my body, just as he had known it would.)

Now began the painful task of getting it out. However, with the administration of more DMPS, other new and terrible symptoms appeared. I began suffering from hormonal imbalances, experiencing night sweats which kept me awake, and a near cessation of menstrual flow. My headaches became much more severe. I had urinary track problems, heart palpitations, nausea, stomach pain, blood in my stools, inability to digest food, a swollen liver, mouth lesions, and severe and persistent fatigue. My doctor noted all of this, but never ordered any medical tests to see what was going on. He did a second “DMPS challenge test” in early 1998, and my mercury was even higher…. 35.9. He commented then that my mercury should be going down, not up.

My doctor continued with more aggressive therapy, mixing the DMPS together with the procaine in the same syringe, something I believe he just made up on the spot. I was feeling worse and worse, and I finally demanded blood work.

At my last office visit, the doctor pulled out the results of the blood work which I had insisted on. He asked me how I felt, and I told him I felt like death walking. (That is not an exaggeration. I had made out my will and made arrangements for my death.) He said he wasn’t surprised, and that the tests showed that I had no essential minerals left in my body. (I later learned that DMPS will deplete the body of essential minerals, and that this is one of the many things this toxic drug had done to me.)

I begged him to do what he could to get me well again, and he told me that he had no idea how to help me, and that he didn’t know what he was doing. I told him to refer me to someone who could help me, that I would go anywhere. I didn’t want my life to end like this. He told me that no one could help me. He told me that this was all new and experimental therapy, and no one knew what they were doing with it. There was no one to send me to. After asking me three times if I was going to sue him, he basically sent me home to die.

This doctor knowingly induced mercury poisoning in me, and then treated me with an experimental and unapproved drug which has destroyed my health. As a result of his “treatment” I have suffered for the past three and a half years. I have impaired eyesight, ringing and roaring in my ears, graying hair at the injection sites, 50 pound weight gain, gastrointestinal problems, bloody stools, abdominal distention, inability to digest foods, hormone and endocrine imbalances, lowered body temperature, a compromised immune system, severely reduced stamina, weakness, debilitating fatigue, tremors in my face and legs, severe joint pain, receding and bloody gums, damage to my teeth, osteoporosis, hair loss, painful, dry and wrinkling skin, body odor, adrenal dysfunction, and other symptoms of advanced aging. I have spent thousands of dollars over the last three and a half years trying different treatment modalities. Mineral IV’s did not help.

In April of 2000, I began working with a skilled homeopath. I have lost 35 pounds in the last few months, and have recently been experiencing improvement in other areas. I still have a long way to go. is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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