Richard's Report

     I had 2 amalgams fillings replaced, leaving 5 more to do.  Immediately after that I went to the (holistic) doctor's office for an intravenous DMPS treatment.  The first 2 days I was very tired, my arrhythmia tendencies were noticeably absent.  However, after the second day, they came back with a vengeance.  As the days passed, the arrhythmia episodes (atrial fibrillation) were more frequent and lasted longer.  Before, I never had episodes over 3 hours. But after the DMPS they were 6 hours, 7 hours, 8 hours, 14 hours, finally up to 18 hours.  Very unsettling. Because of concern for stroke risk, I went to a hospital.   At the behest of my cardiologist, I started taking digoxin (to retard arrhythmia tendency) and Plavix (blood thinner to manage stroke risk). 

     Because I was feeling so incredibly bad, I started digging around on the Internet.  Many (most) websites indicate that oral DMSA does a better job than IV DMPS, with fewer side effects, though DMPS has its supporters.  However, everything I found indicated that DMPS should not be given when amalgam fillings remain in the mouth.  Evidently, it leaches out the mercury at an accelerated rate, and I got mercury poisoning in my gut.  At my next appointment with my (holistic) doctor, he gave me a prescription for DMSA.

     The uncontrollable arrhythmias stopped after 3 days of using the DMSA at a low dose of 50mg recommended by Dr. Huggins (a dentist).  Along with that, there are supplements recommended by Dr. Huggins and others (such as chlorella, garlic, Vitamin C, etc.) that aid the body in the clearing out of the mercury compounds formed by the DMSA.  I am now 11 days (and nights) without an arrhythmia episode, and feeling better as time passes.  I missed over 3 weeks of work due to that DMPS with amalgam fillings remaining business.  Thankfully, my employer has been very understanding about all the problems I have been having (so far). is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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