Some patients do not reveal their identities to me. Others identify themselves, but do not want to post a full report. I have included some of their comments here.

“I had a DMPS challenge test to measure my mercury level. The DMPS made me suicidal and I went through about ten days of hell following this injection.”

“With each (DMPS) shot I would get severe pain in my right kidney, however kidney tests showed everything was normal and the doc said this was a good sign. I was told I would start feeling better, but I kept feeling so sick afterwards and my condition just kept worsening instead of improving. Next the doc lowered the dose, but I still would get weird reactions after the shots. With the last one, I started have trouble breathing on the way home and panicky. I finally quit doing them. I was not seeing any improvement.”

“… here’s my experience with DMPS. I hope I didn’t damage myself. But after amalgam removal, my dentist referred me to a ND who gave me a DMPS shot. It was hoaky the way he did it, just holding the needle and slowly dripping it in. But by the time I left his office and got into my car, I could hardly breathe. Well, I thought it was just me so I went in for the second shot as he recommended. When the same thing happened again I said `Screw this’. I did not return to that ND …. I was so short of breath and weak I could hardly walk up the stairs to bed after work each day. That continued for several months and then I seemed to improve slightly.”

“I was given DMPS orally and had terrible digestive problems. At first I had awful diahreah, then soft long stools with undigested food in them. I felt nauseated much of the time and lost 25 pounds. That was almost a year ago and now my stools are more formed but the digestion is still not working properly but it is better.”

“The first fellow I met who took DMPS IQ went from 180 to 100. The second person that took DMPS was me. I can’t even talk about it right now. It almost killed me. … The third fellow I met was an alternative doctor, a personal friend. DMPS really sent his brain to the garbage dump. He’s okay now, but it was touch and go for awhile. …If DMPS does not kill you, very likely, you will wish that it had. It is a very dangerous substance.”

“I missed more work in the month following the DMPS challenge test than I had missed in the past three years of dealing with my ill health. I had no energy, felt an all-over body sickness, extreme fatigue, liver damage, and suicidal depression.”

“My doctor’s wife had suddenly died shortly before I saw him. I had understood that she had a DMPS injection about a month before her death, but I am not sure of the timing. He did mention that she was paralyzed after the injection, but got over it in a few days. Since I was younger and in apparent good health, it `should have no effect on me’.”

Adverse reactions listed by one reporter: “Acne, nervousness, insomnia, diarrhea, increased frequency of urination and bowel movements, lower back pain, short term memory trouble, headaches.”

“S… was a long time friend of my family’s. He died at the age of 70 having been in otherwise excellent health in the years leading to up to his engaging in Hg removal and DMPS usage. He was, afterall, the owner of a health food store and engaged in healthful ways of living befitting someone in that position. I live three blocks from his store and saw him fairly regularly over the last 20 years of his life. I also was engaging in Hg removal at about the same time he was and though he was encouraging me to take the DMPS approach I opted not to solely on the basis of the rapid health deterioration I observed taking place with him. To my mind his decline was so rapid, that in the absence of any other aggressively degenerative condition, it was clearly attributable to the DMPS protocol he was participating in.”

“Three days after my fifth (DMPS) IV I couldn’t remember how to work my microwave oven. My short term memory was greatly affected. I forgot conversations after 15 minutes. I forgot the names of old friends. I couldn’t catch a joke. I couldn’t pray for any length of time. I couldn’t figure out exact change in the grocery store. I would think of one word and hear myself say a totally different word out loud (same with the written word)…. The first 4 DMPS IV’s worked great for me. #5 DMPS really messed up my head and my body for 9 mos.”

“I allowed (my doctor) to give me DMPS while I still had amalgam in my teeth – BIG MISTAKE! I kept losing weight and became so weak I spent nearly all my time in bed; taking a shower was so exhausting I would have to lay down for an extended period before I had enough energy to put my clothes on. … I went from a size 10 to a size 3 and had reached the point where my digestive system was so destroyed there was very little I could eat without horrible bloating and terrific pain.”

"My symptoms were excruciating bowel pain, cessation of urination and since that time I am becoming more and more allergic to everything that I eat. I now have joint pain, memory and work scrambling and I am susceptible to every infection that comes along."

“I am a practitioner given DMPS by a doctor, a student of Dr. Klinghardt, two years ago. I was assured that the varied devastating symptoms I subsequently experienced were not reported by other patients. I therefore assumed there were no other reports of illness due to this drug. I suffered severe gastro-intestinal disturbances. I had an enlarged liver with bleeding hemorrhoids. I suffered with severe itching when the drug was given to me which the Doctor responded by assuring this was nickel being eliminated … The bloating and gut problems plagued me night and day. The severe depression I experienced forced me to close my practice….”

“I was a very healthy 38 year old man two years ago. I was a second degree blackbelt holder in kung fu. I was in great shape. I am now overweight, depressed, and I suffer from terrible insomnia and constipation as well as skin rashes. I am at my wit’s end. I have also been told that my liver and kidneys are on high alert. About two years ago I heard of the danger of amalgam fillings. I therefore proceeded to have my (former) dentist remove all but three or four of my fillings over the course of one year. I have gotten progressively sicker and sicker since that time. At one time I could barely get out of bed. I could barely walk. I could not even think clearly. I could not understand what was wrong because I had heard all about how people had had their fillings removed and they felt marvelous afterwards. May doctors later, and finally some DMSA provoked testing, and I was finally diagnosed with mercury poisoning. I had very high levels and I still do. What I finally discovered was that there is a specific protocol for amalgam removal and that this dentist did not follow it. No chelation, no charcoal. No breathing apparatus. He simply high-speed drilled the fillings out of my mouth. I ended up at the door of a doctor whom I was told was THE EXPERT in mercury detox. I have had about 4 DMPS infusions in the past five months, and I have gotten progressively worse and worse. I trusted this guy like I trusted my former dentist. I feel like I am everyone’s guinea pig. Going insane.”

“I had a very serious reaction to DMPS capsules. I thank god I could not afford the DMPS IV treatments that my naturopath recommended: however, the alternative was the capsules. Symptoms included: feeling like I was losing my mind (going crazy) paranoia, depression, nausea, anxiety, agitation, fear, worry. Although once I realized it was the pills, and I felt normal again after a couple of months. …. (the use of capsules) warrants a heads up. 

“I had five treatments of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and what I thought was DMSO. It was only Friday I learned it was DMPS. I had five treatments and my skin was the color of pumpkin. I emanated an odor my family could not tolerate. The night of the fifth treatment I was passing out and my family took me to the hospital. When I arrived my hemoglobin was at a 4.5 (usually 14.6) and dropping fast to a 2.9. … I passed out and 14 hours in the ER and 6 days in the hospice unit got my blood up to a 5. My blood volume is fine now… Friday when I finally read my own medical records from the doctor I saw DMPS. I know a chemist and he freaked. What makes me more angry is that DMPS is sulfur based and I die if I am given sulfa drugs.”

“Had 43 DMPS IV treatments. Had six amalgams in my mouth. Sick, pins and needles, burning sensation, hair falling out, nerve twitches, aching in joints and bones. Inflamed GI, stomach hurts, head pounding, fatigued, tired, nausea. Sensitivity to food, high anxiety.” 

“I had a DMPS challenge test. Since this test I have had severe aching, burning, spasms, and numbness in my leg on the left side of my body. I was bedridden for two weeks and still limp when I walk and have significant aching and numbness in my hip and the bottom of my foot… This is a serious health issue and should not be taken lightly.” is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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