Maxine’s Report

My story starts in March 1998. I had been very ill since December 1994. I suffered MS-like symptoms, chronic fatigue, depression, and others. It took me until January 1998 to figure out that my problem was mercury toxicity. In reading Dr. Hal Huggins book “It’s All in Your Head”, my chronic health problems finally made sense. At this time I was living in Hawaii. I found a doctor on Kauai who said he understood mercury toxicity. That was amazing because I had been to so many doctors, specialists, naturopaths on Oahu, and none one of them could figure out why I was ill. In fact, a neurologist suggested that I seek counseling! He thought I was “imagining” my numb limbs.

So I go to Kauai. This M.D. did an interview with me on videotape. He cut hair for a hair analysis and gave me a small test dose of DMPS. He then handed me a gallon plastic jug and told me to urinate into it for the next 24 hours. I flew back to see this man a week later. He asked if I had suffered any ill effects from the shot. I had not noticed anything different. He gave me an injection of DMPS, and pills of DMPS to take for so many days. Then I was to take certain supplements and drink water with buffered powdered Vitamin C. He sent my samples off to be analyzed. This was on a Friday. So Friday evening I fly back to Honolulu (Oahu). For the next four days I take the capsules. That took me to Tuesday. Wednesday I started with the supplements. On Sunday (nine days after my visit) my legs started to itch. I was developing a raised red rash on my legs – it spread over my body. I could not sleep. The only relief to be found was to soak in the bathtub with baking soda.

The next a.m. I called the Dr.’s office and left a terse message. When he called me he said I was to have a rescue I.V. of B vitamins and minerals. So I spent a second sleepless night. By 4:30a.m. I was in such agony, I called a woman out of my DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) book. She was very nice and calming. I made it down to the bus stop to go to the airport. When I finally made it to the boarding gate the flight steward did not want to let me on the plane. I looked terrible. My head was swollen, my eyes were slits, my face was beet-red, the fingers on my hands (beet-red and swollen) were so puffed and sore they did not want to bend. I had to explain to the steward why I had to see this doctor in Kauai. He boarded me first in a front seat. I told him about mercury amalgams. He had a mouthful!

I had to drive to the doctor’s office. He put me on an I.V. drip for over four hours. He told me he was sorry, that he had never had a patient react so strongly, that it wasn’t the DMPS – but the metals were pulling the nutrients out and that was why I had the rash. I believed that because a full 9 days went by after the DMPS injection. After the drip was over my skin began to calm down. Over the next several days I noticed several things. For years my right eye was more “closed” compared to the left eye. Now it more nearly matched. My posture improved. For years it was difficult to stand up straight. (And still is.) That improved. My right foot has splayed outward since I was a child. That improved. When I went back to Kauai, the doctor was pleased.

Now I have to say that I sincerely wish I could have stopped at that point. Unfortunately, I went on to have two more DMPS injections. When I did that, my gut shut down. I no longer am able to digest food properly, I don’t have bowel movements. While in Hawaii I went to a chiropractor, did a series of colonics, tried a lot of things, but to no avail. I got worse and worse. Finally I had to leave Hawaii and move to North Carolina to live with my sister and brother-in-law.

At this time I have to give myself coffee enemas every day and I try to drink a quart of salted water each morning. Food particles come out of me undigested. I’m weak, lethargic, still have numb limbs, depression, inability to focus. I traded one set of problems for another. If I had it to do over, I would have handled my mercury burden differently. At times I eat baby food so that my insides don’t go into turmoil. I’m on Social Security Disability now – I went through most of my savings. When my problem was mercury, I could still eat a meal and digest it. Not easily, but at least I could eliminate. Now because of the DMPS, eating has become a nightmare. I’ve tried juicing, a goat milk fast, soups. Knowing what I know now, DMPS is for a very mercury toxic person one time and one time only. Even so, I wished I would have handled it differently from the beginning. I think if I could eliminate normally, then I could start to improve. My liver and gall bladder are so jammed with toxins, including canola oil. Canola oil causes constipation. I’m in constant brain fog. Writing this report is a tremendous effort for me. is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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