Markís Report

Before my DMPS experience I was a weight lifter and avid mountain climber. Being injected with the drug DMPS was probably the biggest mistake I ever did. I was talked into it by a N.D. I had gone to him because I wasnít feeling 100% and wanted a checkup. He claimed this procedure was safe and to complicate things, he told me to take massive doses of chlorella, MSM and also garlic pills. All of these are high sulfur supplements and this does nothing more than to stir up the mercury in oneís body.

After a week on those supplements I was injected with DMPS. My first symptoms were an increased heart rate and brain fog. I wasnít able to think clearly or to concentrate and this only got worse as time went on. At one point I wasnít able to tie my shoes or turn the windshield wipers on in my vehicle. I no longer knew how. Putting gasoline in my vehicle was beyond me. There were too many things to remember to do this, and I tried to avoid doing this like the plague.

My lower back and hips and legs became increasingly sore. It hurt so much to sit for any period of time and then try to walk again. My coordination decreased and I was steadily dropping items. At one point I was not able to understand what people were saying to me. I could see their lips moving and hear them but nothing they said would sink into my brain. I also could not say a whole sentence without losing my train of thought and forgetting what I was saying, or not being able to find the words to say what I wanted to.

Things got worse. My complexion was a ghostly white and I had huge black circles under my eyes. People would always comment on my looks. Walking became such a chore and climbing a set of stairs was nearly impossible. I would have to concentrate so hard to walk from one end of a room to another, forcing one foot to go in front of the other. After any exertion, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. My heart rate after climbing a set of stairs would be 140 and it was common to have my heart rate at rest at 120.

I started having angina like symptoms. Soon all my muscles and joints hurt. It felt like I was suffering with a massive flu bug, but it never got any better, only worse. I could not bend my elbows or wrists. My hands would fall asleep all the time. Then to top it all off, I became severely depressed. I could not stop crying. Any thought that I would think would bring me to tears. Even watching a commercial on TV would be enough to make me cry. Talk about sensitive.

I could not walk out in the sunlight because of brightness. I could not be anywhere where there was noise. It was too irritating. I couldnít even wear a watch because the ticking would drive me crazy.

It was impossible to learn anything new. I had started a second job in order to have the dental costs covered 100% and I had to try to learn this new job. I was shown things repeatedly and I couldnít catch on. It was a real challenge to say the least. There were many more symptoms, but too many to list here.

The doctor that injected me with DMPS told me that I was too sick for him to treat and told me to go to the hospital. I had been to seven other doctors by then and they told me they didnít know anything about mercury, and some even told me there was no such thing as mercury poisoning. I knew that if I went to a hospital, I would hear the same thing. I became more depressed and sicker. Every day I wished I was dead. I was being tortured. Nothing I did helped and things just got worse.

I finally found a doctor who gave me a prescription for DMSA. I started taking this drug and after a week I felt worse. I stopped for a week and felt even worse. I didnít know what to do at this point. My only thought was to try DMSA again. On the second day, my symptoms started disappearing at an extraordinary rate. At one point I thought I was totally cured and stopped taking the DMSA. The symptoms reappeared in a few weeks and I was back on the pills again. I am still on them and it has been 6 months since I started taking them and one year since I had that deadly injection that destroyed my health.

One thing that kept me going when I was at my lowest was remembering about what I read on the DMPSbackfire website. I knew that I was not crazy and it was the side effects of the injection of DMPS that I was suffering from. I would have probably committed suicide if it was not for the stories that I had read and what I read that was happening to me. I knew that if I persisted I could get through this.

I am still suffering with lower back ache and loss of short term memory, but I am so much better than what I was. The DMSA saved my life as well as the Backfire website. Thank you. is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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