Marilyn's Report 

     I went downhill on canned tuna fish in 1998 (my prognosis was post partum multiple sclerosis).  I have kept a food diary for years and when I started to walk into walls after a few cans of tuna, a food I did not normally consume, (I was trying the Zone diet for hypoglycemia and looking for easy/quick protein), the light bulb came on and I thought $%^&*%, it's mercury, you are mercury poisoned...every now and then an article show up in the paper telling pregnant women to limit tuna consumption due to methylmercury content... I also got muscle twitches from the tuna, the same as B-12 shots of cyanocobalamin...(B-12 is a methyl donor to mercury, something I now know but my MD did not have a CLUE as to why B-12 shots had all kinds of side effects for me....)

     So I did my research and had my amalgams safely removed and did research etc. on chelators and the whole medical-field denial that MS is ever amalgam induced, etc.  I am the type that reads, reads, reads.

     Anyway, my dentist recommended DMPS as the way to go and gave me the names of some Nds in the Seattle area that were administering it.  At that time (July-Oct 1998) I didn't see a lot of warnings even on the Internet about DMPS - one German fellow on a dentists' newsgroups warned me to re-think my approach, but the majority of the info I saw said it was safe and side-effects were minimal...

     So a la Klinghardt protocol, I got an IV infusion the same day as the last amalgam came out.  The ND did not pre-test my reaction to DMPS, did not test my mineral levels, ignored my revelation that I have "3" kidneys and urinary dysfunction... he assured me that DMPS never hurt anyone... so I let him pump that stuff int my veins though my intuition was ringing cathedral-sized bells in my head.

     When I got home I sat on the chair and could not move. This basically lasted until I had a bowel movement - then regained some functioning.  Later I would realize that DMPS had a constipating effect on me - duh, just what one needs when you are trying to eliminate mercury... when I told the ND it seemed to constipate me he didn't seem to think this was much of a problem - he said the Hg would come out in the urine.

     Like a fool I listened to the ND's insistence that I was going to feel worse before I felt better, he said mineral infusions would make me feel better (at $95.00 a pop)... and I took a total of 7 DMPS infusions with accompanying mineral infusions 2 days post DMPS...even with the minerals I got sicker with each IV until my already limited leg mobility was practically non-existent.  Climbing stairs became an Everest challenge.  I felt like my organs were going to shut down. I finally woke up and stopped the treatments.

     It took 8 months to even begin to feel human again.  I had to do some colonics which I did not react well to and I discovered at this time that I had stopped making stomach acid (no wonder my mineral levels were abysmal).  Nutritionally, I was a basket case.  It took me a long time to regain lost ground and I have come to feel my experience was totally unnecessary. j

     I have been reluctant to write an anti-DMPS diatribe because I know it helps a number of people.  But this is not a totally safe compound that never hurt anyone and if I had to do it over again, I would have listened to my screaming intuition and passed on this chelator...

     My present MD said, "You can't walk and someone pumped DMPS into you????"  She said those that aren't very ill can handle DMPS but not the really poisoned...I think this stuff has to be used judiciously and a lot of us learned that the hard way... is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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