Madeline's Report

Madeline's Report

I am a 47-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis and chronic, severe stomach problems.

My MS was diagnosed in 1987, after many years of neurological problems that would come and go, including optic neuritis, trigeminal neuralgia, dizziness, weakness and numbness. In about 1993 or 1994, the MS changed from relapsing-remitting to secondary-progressive, and the neurological problems never went away anymore, just became chronic. They included weakness, fatigue, numbness, bladder problems, and more. They were very annoying, and, at time, depressing, but I was not disabled by them. I still had almost full use of my legs. The MS was always worsening, but very slowly.

My stomach problems began thirty years ago, when I was sixteen. I would wake up in the morning with pain and burning, which an antacid always took care of. Over the years, the stomach problems also got worse, and the episodes more frequent, but I was never in constant pain with them, just intermittent pain. In my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with candida. I did not have the will power to stay on the anti-candida diet, and my stomach would not tolerate the anti-fungal medications – any of them. At this point, the stomach problems were annoying – I couldn’t take certain medications, or eat acidic or spicy foods. But they were only annoying, and not constant. In my thirties I had a few episodes of gastritis, which always went away by itself.

I was able to take a multivitamin with vitamin C in it, and also, an antidepressant, neither of which bothered my stomach. And again, the pain was only intermittent.

In the spring of 1999, everything changed.

I had been going to an alternative medicine center, trying a therapy for MS, which didn’t help me. The doctor there thought it would be a good idea for me to get my Mercury levels checked. I had had my amalgam fillings removed ten years earlier, but wasn’t aware that the Mercury stayed in one’s body. I agreed, at the end of May 1999, to be infused intravenously with DMPS, in order to do the test for my Mercury levels. The test showed that my levels were extremely high. I had another infusion of DMPS (for chelation) in early July. By the end of July, I was having constant, intractable pain in my stomach, and saw a gastroenterologist. I had an endoscopy in September of 1999, which showed I had both gastritis and duodenitis.

No relating this to the DMPS, I continued with the intravenous DMPS, and had four more infusions from August to early October.

My stomach got worse, and I was in severe, constant pain. I was put on acid blockers, which masked the pain somewhat.

Sometime in September of 1999, I realized that the MS had started to worsen much more rapidly than ever before, and I began to lose function in my legs. It wasn’t until October, after talking to someone else (who was knowledgeable about DMPS) about what was happening to me, that I began to relate these things to the DMPS infusions.

Where I am today:

The MS is still worsening at an accelerated pace. I now use a cane to walk, and suffer from severe fatigue and weakness, in addition to many other problems.

The stomach problems are still worse than they ever were before I used DMPS. I still am not able to take a multivitamin with vitamin C in it, or an antidepressant, because of stomach pain. The intensity of the day-to-day pain has lessened somewhat, since I discovered a probiotic that has anti-fungal properties (leading me to believe that the DMPS caused a massive overgrowth of candida, among other problems).

I am continuing to search for anything that could help me overcome either problem.

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