M's Report  

"M" was suffering from some neurological symptoms (peripheral neuropathy and tremor) and sought medical help.  He became part of what was supposed to be a clinical study of dmps.  His reactions to the dmps were so severe that he never returned.... interestingly, no one from the clinic ever followed up on his failure to return.  His story appears on other websites, and I have repeated it here:

"My primary experience was pain (it seemed to migrate to different areas of my back, primarily in the kidney areas), excruciating pain.  I also felt exhausted & somewhat nauseated, and I had severe leg cramps -- many times woke up screaming with pain (certainly surprised my wife!).  The protocol at the clinic included IV supplements (to replace minerals leached out by the DMPS), which seemed to help the cramps temporarily.  The reaction of the folks at the clinic was that the back pains were not terribly unusual, that they indicated the mercury was "moving around", and that with enough dmps, first by injection then orally, eventually it would get rid of all the mercury and I would be better.  Other patients (in a communal IV room) indicated that dmps was the only way to get rid of all the mercury, and that I would just have to stick it out.  One patient sat across from me and indicated that she "always" had horrible back pains after each dmps injection.  It was after that observation that I finally came to my senses.  I felt that I would probably die if I continued with the dmps, because I was so exhausted and in so much pain."

Six months later, "M" was feeling better, but "far from normal".

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