Lisa's Report

   "I am 41 year old woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 27. My symptoms included awakening every morning with severe headaches, vomiting, constipation, numbness in my extremities, especially from the waist down, light sensitivity and optic neuritis.  And I was grinding my teeth at night.   I lived with the belief that I had multiple sclerosis with all of the weird sensations, one of the most bothersome being the sensation that a tuning fork was going up and down my spine and radiating to my extremities.

   I finally got on to mercury and became convinced that was a problem, even though a hair analysis showed low mercury.  I found a dentist who was not the most knowledgeable, but just getting on to the mercury issue himself. He referred me to an environmental physician who took stool, blood and urine samples.  He told me that I had an extreme case of candida in my intestines, and that my mercury levels were very high, and some beneficial minerals were very low.  He recommended a dmps challenge test, and I agreed.

   It was about 3:45pm and I was seated in a recliner. The nurse administered the challenge a bit at a time, and within minutes I started to feel like I was about to flip out, which I told her.  My upper torso started to itch badly.  I lifted my sweater, and was alarmed at the huge red blotches all over my stomach, under my sleeves and on my neck.  The lights started having a strobe effect, and the nurse seemed far away and distorted. I started losing sensation in my lower limbs and felt very weak.  I was nauseated and salivating terribly.  My arms felt like they weighed a ton.  I started feeling a strange sensation in my vagina - like a swelling. All of this I reported to the nurse as it was happening. I felt like I was on LSD or something.

   The nurse got the doctor who was about to leave.  He sort of shrugged his shoulders and said to let the allergist know if the symptoms did not stop soon.  She seemed uncomfortable to be left alone with me from what I could tell in my impaired state.  I remained there for over two hours before I could walk.  I had to urinate badly, and the nurse helped me to the bathroom and stayed outside the door.  I tottered along, sat to urinate, and was shocked at how swollen my vagina was!  It was huge, inflamed, and the tissue was blood stained. My urine was so cloudy it looked like there was milk in it.  I reported all of this to the nurse who said she would chart it.   I asked that the doctor call me the next day. He didn't, but his officer manager did, and suggested that I had some "female trouble" and to see my gynecologist.

   I remained weak and bedridden for several days.  I tried again to speak to the doctor, but he referred me to the office manager again, who insisted that I see my gynecologist and that the reaction was "coincidental".  I did see my gynecologist who diagnosed me with a raging urinary tract infection.

   I reported all of this to the dentist who referred me to a PhD allegedly doing a study of dmps.  She started an incredibly expensive "mineral buildup" - minerals were by iv.  Her explanation for my adverse reaction to dmps was that my minerals were too low to handle it.  We started at one fifth the dose, im.  My reaction was much less, however, I did become lightheaded and my eyes were light sensitive.  I eventually stopped going because the cost was prohibitive with all of the supplements and mineral iv's before and after, and more blood work and several botched creatinine clearances (wrong tests ordered, lost blood work, lost urine, etc.).

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