Linda's Report

I made the big mistake of allowing my physician to give me DMPS when I still had amalgams in place. As a result of that drug, I lost weight, and kept losing it. I became so weak I spent nearly all my time in bed. Taking a shower was so exhausting I would have to lie down for an extended period before I had enough energy to put my clothes on. I went from a size ten to a size three, and had reached the point where my digestive system was so destroyed there was very little I could eat without bloating (I looked like I was pregnant) and terrific pain. I had to change my diet drastically to eat only what I could tolerate (not always healthy food). It was a very unbalanced diet, but I ate that way in an effort to allow my gut to heal. I could not eat any vegetables, because I could not digest them. Eating a salad would put me in the emergency room. I ate small, frequent meals. Eventually as my gut healed, I added cooked vegetables to my diet, but it was a long time before I could eat raw vegetables. 

The healing that took place was so slow and being an impatient person, I at times felt such despair that I was never going to recover. I was also plagued with severe bouts of depression. I was unable to work for over two years. As I healed, the insomnia slowly went away. Iíve been back on my feet for nearly three years, and one by one I slowly added many supplements and food varieties back into my diet. But if I get slack about my diet, I will still get a mild digestive flare-up, so I really try to watch what I eat. 

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