Kathleen’s Report

I had my amalgams out and was terribly, terribly ill. (By the way, I was terribly ill before … my body simply couldn’t stand having the fillings in there and couldn’t tolerate their removal.) Fifteen months later, I was still hardly out of bed. I found a doctor who would do IV DMPS and asked him for a treatment.

I had IV DMPS on a Thursday afternoon and did the 24-hour urine collection. The following Sunday I felt sick to my stomach. By evening, I was very sick. My stomach felt like it was made of iron. My young daughter suggested some homeopathic remedies and I took them. After she’d gone to bed I began to vomit. I vomited all night; violent vomiting. I realized that I’d had similar attacks throughout my life, with similar feelings beforehand … often for 2 or 3 days or more. I was too sick to get myself to the hospital. I was also afraid to go to a hospital when I was so sick because I hadn’t the strength to be my own advocate and I was afraid that they would do more harm than good. And I’m a nurse!

The vomiting continued for 24 hours, but it slowed the last 8 or 10. It left me dehydrated and very weak for days and days. During the episode I figured out that the vomiting was induced by the DMPS. I thought back to other episodes and pieced them together. I figured out that it must be due to a porphyrinopathy. Soon after that, I asked for blood/urine/stool tests and sure enough, I had porphyrins show up in stool and urine, and lack of 3 porphyrin enzymes in blood.

About 18 months later a doctor suggested that I try using homeopathic DMPS first, then several hours later put a drop of DMPS on my tongue. I tried that. I got as far as one drop, one time. I had excruciating long bone pain for a couple of days. Never again!

Neither of the reactions caused chronic problems, both were acute. I thought the first was going to kill me on the spot; perhaps I just wished it! The second was very painful but resolved with no lasting sequallae.

My theory is that many people with mercury poisoning have porphyrinopathies from the mercury and hence have a porphyrin crisis from DMPS and many other medications. A porphyrin crisis can be of much longer duration than the ones that I have. They can take different forms too. My husband had his amalgams out and had a couple of DMPS challenges. He had no problem with it at all, and the level of mercury output in his urine went up substantially each time. He was not seriously ill from the mercury, tho. Definitely no porphyrin problem. One doctor suggested to me that if I feel the very early stages of a Porphyrin crisis, that I eat only high sugar foods. For me that is fruit, as I don’t tolerate any other sweeteners at all. I have tried his suggestion with good results. The minute I begin to feel the early states of a crisis, I switch to all fruit and so far, so good. is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer in 800x600 resolution Please read our privacy, terms, and conditions agreement
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