Justine's Report

Justine sought medical help for joint pain, and the doctor injected her with dmps. She experienced many adverse effects from this injection, including nausea, increased joint pain, diarrhea, headaches, night sweats alternating with chills, cognitive problems, and extreme fatigue. Here is how she has described the fatigue:

"Today I'm very tired.

I'm so tired I feel like my spine took a vacation and left my body here in a crumpled heap.

I'm so tired my stomach forgot to be hungry.

I'm so tired that holding this pen is like balancing a giant Sequoia between my fingers.

I'm so tired my left foot has decided to go to sleep without me.

I'm so tired that if Sam Waterston rang my doorbell I'd say, "Come back tomorrow".

I'm so tired it feels like my neck is holding up a 200 pound head.

I'm so tired that when I dress I'll get one foot through the pant leg and then just drag the rest of it around behind me.

I'm so tired I used my fireplace bellows to blow out a candle.

I'm so tired the crumbs in my bed don't bother me.

I'm so tired a printed page looks like Kennebunkport Harbor in the fog.

There's a little insect flailing about in my oatmeal, and I'm so tired I'm just going to eat him.

I'm so tired Pat Buchanan doesn't alarm me."

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