Jeanine's Report  

Jeanine received dmps in January of 1999.  Shortly thereafter, she became violently ill.   Here are her words:  

"Shortly after the shots, I began to feel...not right.  The only way I can describe the way I felt was "slow".  That night at approximately 11:00 I vomited.  I also experienced a very odd stomach ache.  I had an appointment the following morning for a nutritional iv.  My mother called to make sure I could see the doctor.  On the way to the appointment I vomited in the car...My vision became somewhat blurry....I also had the odd stomach ache and complained of a strange weight in my lower back. I had a weird metallic taste in my mouth. A week later, I was vomiting up old blood at work.  I was so tired and shaky... The metallic taste in my mouth intensified.  My gums ached so badly they were bleeding.  I felt like I had two five pound weights over my kidneys.  I had a terrible headache.  I felt so horrible in fact, in general I thought I was dying. I became so depressed the doctor recommended to my parents that I be locked up in a psychiatric institute for 72 hours.  Although I was depressed to the point of being suicidal, I begged my parents not to take me there.  They didn't.

My mother and I have done some research.  ... we believe that it (the injection) caused the symptoms of mercury poisoning by moving the mercury rather than getting it all out.  When my mother asked the doctor why people are not tested for tolerance to dmps, he really did not have any answer.  .... From my experience, I think dmps is a very serious procedure and that patients should be warned about potential health risks associated with dmps.  I was told that there are no side effects associated with dmps. That is simply not true."

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