My Report

I was a relatively healthy female when a routine checkup revealed mild hypothyroidism.  I had no symptoms of hypothyroidism, but my internist insisted that such a condition could eventually result in serious health problems.  She wanted me to take synthroid, and I reluctantly agreed.

My dentist recommended a new physician to me.  I trusted him, even though I thought his "anti-amalgam" stance was a bit extreme.  So I made an appointment with the doctor he recommended.

This doctor told me that my sluggish thyroid was caused by mercury poisoning from my amalgams, and he could prove it to me by means of a 24 hour urinalysis.  But first I would have to have an injection of a drug which would "make the mercury show up".  He indicated that the drug was harmless.

Within two minutes of the injection I became acutely ill.  I was dizzy, hot, nauseous, headachy and disoriented.  It was then that he told me that my symptoms were caused by the "mercury moving" and that I might have "flu-like" symptoms for a few hours or days.

The symptoms got worse.  Much worse.  I had gnawing stomach pains, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, relentless headache, exhaustion, chest pains, numbness in my extremities, and other symptoms.  I thought I was dying.  My dentist encouraged me to return to this doctor, even though I had serious misgivings.  When I returned, he said "we've moved more mercury than your body can handle".  I guess that was his way of telling me that he had induced acute mercury poisoning.  He told me that infusions of vitamin C would "mop up the mercury".  (The infusions of vitamin C eventually led to kidney stones.  I don't recommend this treatment.)  He also told me that I would not recover until I had all of my amalgams replaced, and that it was urgent that I do so as soon as possible.  I did.  (That's another disastrous story itself.... but this is about dmps.)

   Over the next several weeks I suffered frightening cognitive dysfunctions.  I couldn't remember where I worked.  Putting a complete sentence together became difficult.  I forgot that I owned a cat... and was shocked when he walked into the room.  A severe depression overcame me.  I began having persistent suicidal thoughts.  There were times when I felt I was insane... and I didn't know if it would ever end.

The physical symptoms persisted.  In addition I developed heat intolerance, severe joint pain and stiffness, convergence insufficiency (words jumping around on the page when reading) and bouts of blurred vision.  Reading became very difficult.  I suffered from some or all of these effects for nearly two years. My remaining symptoms include joint pain, numbness in my left hand, lack of stamina, and digestive problems.

Mainstream medicine was of little help.  Only one of the many physicians I saw ever heard of dmps.  The one who had heard of it had to do research before she could talk to me about what had happened to me.  Even then, there was no "antidote", and I was told to give my body time to heal.

   My conclusion is that the dmps induced the exact condition that it was supposed to diagnose... acute metal poisoning.  It backfired.  And once that has happened, neither the mainstream nor the alternative medical professionals know how to treat you.  There is astoundingly little information out there about dmps and its safety.  What that means is that patients who are given dmps are nothing more than lab rats.

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