Georgianne’s Report

I was given DMPS by a dentist, not a medical doctor. The dentist did not do the Doctor’s Data Urine test on me, or any kind of test. He just diagnosed me with mercury toxicity and decided that DMPS IV would be good for me. I was stupid enough to trust that he was telling me the truth when he said DMPS was just a wonderful chelation agent and would take all of the Mercury out of my body so that my immune system could work better.

In the middle of the IV drip, I got to feeling so awful. I cannot even describe how terrible I felt. It was not so much physically sick, but it made me feel as if I were going to die. It almost felt as if my brain was becoming disconnected from my body. There are not enough words to describe how I felt ….It was AWFUL. I begged him to stop the IV and take the needle out of my arm, but he would not do it. He just laughed and said that it could not hurt me. I would have taken the needle out myself but I was afraid that the needle might break off or something, and then I would not know what to do, so I thought I had no choice but to leave it in until he took it out. He finally took it out a little before all of the liquid was out of the bag.

I did not have just one specific symptom from it, other than soon afterwards my hair started turning quite gray, but my body has never felt quite up to par. I really think that it depleted so many of my body’s minerals that I will probably never be the same as I was before. In my opinion, if I had not had such a strong immune system to begin with it probably would have left me in much worse shape than it did. Actually, I wish now that I had pulled the needle out and not let it finish. It would have been better to have had a needle sticking in my arm that I could not get out than to have the rest of the DMPS filling my body.

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