Doug's Report  

Doug is an electrical engineer who sought medical assistance for a persistent skin rash.  His doctor injected him with dmps. These are his words:

   "It has been 8 weeks since I was injected with DMPS.  Have had the following symptoms:  Almost immediately sustained a headache like I had never before experienced, that has persisted much of the time until now.  Have continuous severe ringing in the ears.  Lost ability to concentrate.  Short term memory is at times almost nonexistent. Progress of current project at work in developing control computer program has ceased.  After 3 weeks noticed that I was becoming uncoordinated, and would stumble like a drunkard.  This effect comes and goes and has been getting more frequent.  The headache and lack of coordination seem to be aggravated by any exercise attempt.  The headache will start first, with onset of staggering within an hour of the headache.

   Backache in the area of kidneys also comes and goes.  Twice on week 7 my kidneys failed to produce any urine for up to 6 hours at a time.  Have been drinking much water to try to help.  Also trying NAC."

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