Bonnie's Report  

Bonnie was diagnosed with a yeast problem, but after a year of treatment, she was still not better.  The doctor performed a dmps challenge test, which showed high mercury levels.  Here's what she told me: 

"I began removing the mercury fillings I had left and got dmps shots.  However, they made me sick and my kidneys would really hurt. The doc kept telling me that was a good sign. As I continued, we cut down the dose because my condition kept getting worse.  Then I started not tolerating the anesthesia to finish all my dental work and the dental materials.  I started getting more sensitive to drugs, herbs, even garlic and NAC and glutathione. I asked my doc and he said he couldn't explain it.  Well with my last real low dose shot, I felt real sick and had problems breathing.  My heart was racing and I got panicky.  After this I just quit the shots. I figured I should be feeling better not worse.  ... my doc told me dmps is very safe and has no side effects.  He was participating in an FDA study.  I never knew it had propane in it either.  This is very interesting because I could no longer tolerate the steaks or meat cooked on the grill.  My health has declined markedly since this time. .... I should have trusted my instincts with the very first shot, but by that time I was buying all this junk that the worse you feel the better.  The doc still says this to his patients.  My questions now are, how do you....  How do we get ourselves better?  Nothing I do helps."

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