Bill's Report

I had had EDTA chelation to bring down high levels of lead when my doctor noticed that my mercury levels were going up. He gave me an infusion of 250mg of DMPS, and I immediately got sick. It felt like it was ripping open my insides, including my bones. I was really sick, had bloody stools, my hair color darkened and looked awful. I could hardly move for three months. 

At that point I decided to get my amalgams out. I had a lot – 15 or 16. They did it in two weeks and I had another infusion of 250mg of DMPS right after that. I got much worse. My whole endocrine system went haywire. All of my extremities went numb. I felt awful, had stomach ulcers, liver damage, insomnia… the list goes on. I felt and looked 40 years older. 

I went to another doctor and he said to keep doing the DMPS, that I had to push through to feel better. I had six more infusions with him, and he did neural therapy on my stomach and spine. I kept getting worse. I felt about ready to die, so I guess it didn’t matter. In addition to all of the headaches, gastrointestinal and endocrine problems and pain, I’m now hypothroid, have lesions in my colon, and a tumor on my liver. DMPS really devastated my life. Before DMPS I used to run 4-5 miles a day. Now walking short distances wears me out. DMPS has made my life hell. Today I am a vegetable trying to get my body working again. 

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